Customised Hairpieces

Performed wigs service

The Alex capillary center offers natural hair performed wigs service. This service is directed to everyone who wish to keep his or her own daily aspect.

Our wigs, because their technical characteristics let us keep our real own aspect. Also, let us keep those personal details which characterizes one person about all of each others.

We will make a copy of your hair style, so, your personal style won’t experiment big changes. For that work, will be taken, many samples of the hair, so, many hair samples of the affected adjacent zones will be taken. All that will be done, before making a mold what guarantee the maximum adaptation and comfort. All of the information will be compiled with a picture of the patient. At this moment we will know about we must work.

The alex capillary center will determine the priority to make performed wigs and the give of the order, about the emergency of the matter because the patient. the reason is, so, there are oncological who needs a fast solution because the illness.