The cooperation of the ALEX capillary salon & the RADIKAL-HAIR

The Alex capillary salon offers solutions for alopecia problems since 1980.During the last years, our business has ‘turned around’ such as the capillary sector has ‘turned around’ about capillary classical solutions of the past. Since 2008, the brand managers have started up a deep change about their mentality. So, they start to offer new solutions, helped with other capillary sector great reputable businesses. Following the philosophy of the continuous improvement, the last match of the year 2011 was signed an agreement of adhesion and distribution in the province of Alava, about the capillary integration systems without surgery by RADIKAL-HAIR. So, they continued offering the most advanced and avant-guard of the capillary sector.
The RADIKAL-HAIR technics boost us into a process of change and ‘RADIKAL’ evolution. It represents an advance engaged in Hollywood. So, the young and nonconformist guys can get amazing dynamical and undetectable results. The Alex capillary salon offers solutions to the different typology of alopecia, both men and women.
So, in a confidential environment and with the greatest discretion of the customer. The capillary integrated systems without surgery by the RADIKAL-HAIR company, let the customer live with normally, so, without any type of worries. remember that the first visit is free, contact us!.