Injection hair eyebrouns

The injection hair’s eyebrouns

“The eyebrows compose the frame of the face”

The chemotherapy, is in many cases a contribution to the decrease of the eyebrow volume. So, in many other cases, it supposes the total loss of the eyebrow hair.
In our capillary salon, we have one of the ultimate technology advance for the capillary recovery of the ‘wasted’ eyebrows. This advance is, the ‘ injection hair, eyebrows ‘ solution, with the ‘one by one’ exclusive technology. It is the newest solution of this world. The hair is injected ‘one by one’ on a fine membrane of a few microns of width. So, we have guaranteed a successful result for the women who have lost her eyebrowns hair.


This product, is an alternative to the micropigmentation and the make up. Ask for the first visit without any cost or without any compromise.