‘HEADLINE IT’ protectors gamut


and you will forget the sweat!, what is headline it?

The headline it is a fine and one usage protector made with the last technological absorption materials. it is designed to be used as cover of any helmet, hat, cap, or head wear complement.
So, it helps to increment the security, hygiene and comfort of the user.
This product was invented by Jodi Pliska. Jodi born in the USA, has the universal alopecia.
She, to give a solution for her needs, makes this product, the headline it protects.
The experience of Jodi about the usage of low quality wigs, motivated her to make this practical and simple complement what avoids the direct contact of the wig with the user’s skin.
The headline can be used, with work helmets, security helmets, wigs, caps, motor ‘helmet’, hats and any other head complement.

The protector of headline it avoids that the sweat doesn’t slide until inside the eyes, generating us any inconvenience.
those protectors, resist 4 times it weight of sweat While it is being retained; we keep our head more cold in the summer and hot in winter.
The last layer of these protectors, locks oils, salts, smell and protect our cap, helmet, turban, hat or head wear complements.
After the usage of headline it protectors by the USA and Australia equitation teams, in the year 2008, in the Olympic games of Beijin this product was recognized internationally.


Headline It and you will forget the sweat!

Characteristics and bonus

  • The high technology absorption materials lock the sweat and keep us dry.
  • It is hygienic and for one usage protectors. Also, reduce the bacteria which produce the bad odors.
  • It is an ultra fine and breathable materials which give us a total breathable product.
  • With the Headline IT you will save time and money: the wigs and other head complement will need few washes. So, their life would be longer.
  • It regulates the temperature of our head because it breaths the sweat continuously both summer and winter.
  • It’s non-slip materials don’t let slip in the front
  • It protects the sport caps against salts and sweat spots protects the wigs and the hats against the make up spots.
  • the life usage of each protector unit, is up to a week. Then it will be changed with a new protector.
  • Each box has ten protector individual pieces for a month usage. but its duration could be variable because each person an his or her work-activity.

Headline it medical

It is ideal for cancer patients with alopecia, or persons who want to keep their aspect and skin.
The upper layer, has been flesh colored. So, it offers a natural aspect behind the wig and other head wear complements. With a non-slip layer avoids that the head wear complements be moved on to the head.
now this product has been packaged in little and discreet boxes for your comfort.