We are a hair treatment specialised center in Vitoria-Gasteiz

The Alex capillary salon is a familiar business what has 30 years of experience in the capillary recovery sector.

Our continuous recycling allows us to offer a personal advice service for all of our customers to improve or resolve their hair loss produced by any kind of alopecia in every new moment.

Below, we will mention the most common kinds of the known alopecias:

  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Alopecias because burns,accidents,etc.
  • Alopecias because a medical therapy (chimiotherapy, radiotherapy).

Being responsive for every capillary problem, The Alex Capillary center, would find a specific solution for each different case.

The Alex capillary salon, made the renovate gamble decision, we have offered since 2008 the last generation capillary integration systems. Every year, we show the last fashion of capillary recovery for the men or women who want to recover, his or her best and natural aspect.

The inclusion of a professional team, for the recovery of the oncological patient personal aspect. It has been Another successful great change of direction, that, has been launched by the managers of the Alex capillary center.

Oncological Aesthetics

Alex capillary center in Vitoria-Gasteiz, we help you to restore the beauty lost accented by a cancer

The importance of the personal aspect fighting against a cancer

One moment when the cancer causes a higher desolation, and especially for a woman, is the moment when we suffer a lot of aspect alterations. For example: alterations in the skin, hair loss, loss of eyebrow and eyelash, bad breath and surgery marks,etc. Those alterations are produced by the side effects of the radiotherapy or the chemotherapy. In Some cases, those alterations are temporaries and other times, those are permanents.

Because those alterations, the self-esteem could be progressively damaged. We have to add the problem what is the difficult to accept the alteration of our own aspect, to the illness that we live.
Also, the compassionate glances of other persons, could accent this difficult suffering situation.

ONCO-HAIR is an innovating and integral concept that envelops many services, attention, products, guarantees and installations (multidisciplinary Integral Service) to improve the life quality of the oncological patient and offer a support for those patients’ needs and worries which alternate their daily rhythm, before, during and after of the oncological treatment.

Hair integration

The Alex capillary salon Vitoria – Gasteiz cares your personal aspect

“ We live in a society where the personal aspect has an essential valor: the enterprises than persons keep carefully the aspect that they throw worldwide”

The hair loss is one of the aesthetical main worries, that affects men such women. We know about it such a big worry, so, it could has a bad influence in the self-esteem of a person in his or her daily social and work relationships.

Men’s alopecia

The Alex capillary salon knows how much important is our customers aspect. So, the consequences about aspect loss because the hair loss.

That is the reason because our professionals will advise you to give you the best solution to reduce, restore or improve the effects of the time pass, the illness and the alopecia which alter your personal image.

The past

Many solutions have been used in recent years against the Hair loss :toupee and hairpieces were products for a long time they were the unique solution available.
With the pass of the time, they have been improved to offer more natural methods as the scalp hair prostheses,
Though the terminology scalp hair prostheses gains an extended meaning, the Alex capillary center has tried to differentiate these solutions to offer a better general vision with the purpose of not be confused because these different solutions with the same noun.

Capillary integration

The modern styles are progressing very fast, and the needs of the damned persons who suffer changes in their aspect continuously. Because that reason, we have to update our knowledge, applications and methods to satisfy nowadays needs with new solutions. “2nd generation of capillary integration system”

The Alex capillary salon is a referent and successful center with quality in the professional capillary sector in the town of Vitoria-Gazteiz

The past, present and future

The static situation of our sector in Spain, had sunk in an innovation and idea crisis, offering solutions poor in innovation and very traditional, such as the great panacea woke in the Alex capillary center the renovation desire to scape from that negative dynamic, so, to submit real and new solutions.