Alex & Onco-Hair

The cooperation of The Alex capillary salon and the Onco-Hair

The Alex capillary salon has a specialized department for giving to the cancer patients or the persons who are affected for an oncological illness, any aesthetical solution. Our company as being a member of the ONCO – HAIR group, offers advising and developing services, following the specific attention protocol. So, we offer attention and solutions for the different aesthetical needs of the cancer patients, following the protocol of the ONCO-HAIR group.
The Alex capillary salon follows the specific protocol of the ONCO-HAIR
The ONCO-HAIR group and the Alex capillary salon are offering a specifical atention for the cancer patients or any person affected by/for an oncological illness. Also we offer treatmenst against the hair-lose, such any type of alopecia.

We want to explain about many capillary solutions which we offer during the oncologicla treatment for our patients.

Before the oncological treatment

When to oncological treatment is going to start, the cancer patient doubts, and get questions about the secondary effects because the treatment. So, at this moment, we offer attention and responses to resolve all the questions. Of course, without any cost. At this time we could palificate the best solution for each cancer patient with earliness.

During the oncological treatment

Once the treatment is started, in the Alex capillary salon we, offer many types of products and specific services to recover the
appearance of the cancer patient.
We detail some capillary solutions below:

  • Performed wigs, made with natural hair.
  • A great gamut of standard wigs.
  • Dolce & sweet turbans.
  • Multifunctional pañuelo by wind
  • Injection Hair, eyebrows with natural hair
  • Headline it – skin protectors and forget about sweat.
  • Advisement service about solutions for improving the patient’s appearance.

After the oncological treatment

When it is finished, the Alex capillary salon gives an advisory service to the cancer patient about the maintenance and the customizing of any previously mentioned product, used in the treatment.